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I shared this blog with an online forum asking for ideas, and one member created a mockup of her vision of the rooms using Photoshop!

Here’s what liddylu suggested:

The biggest thing for me is to tone back the red a little in the lounge. I understand you went for a red occasional chair, however, I played with the idea of a lighter colour print fabric chair and love the idea of adding lots of texture, softening windows with sheer curtain panels and creating some fun seating with some leather ottomans that double as storage.

Lounge vision 1

Lounge vision 2

To create cozyness and freshness in the bedroom – and make it look luxe without the use of the gold bedspread (bling bling!) I thought it would be great to continue the blue on the side wall for continuity. Matching side lamps with natural textural shades add formality and casuality all at once. Mirrors above the bed create instant space and light and is a cheap way to fill the wall.

Bedroom vision

Thanks liddylu for your great ideas and Photoshop wizardry, it certainly helps us to visualise what the rooms may look like.


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Moving is a great opportunity to re-organise some of our belongings. For instance, we have more wardrobe space now (I took over the entire wardrobe in the master bedroom and J has to make do with a much smaller one in the spare room, but that’s kind of besides the point ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) so I can dedicate some shelving space to my handbags, rather than putting them on the floor.

I also want to organise my earrings collection. It’s not a huge collection by any means, but I used to put them all in a box and it would take forever to find a matching pair, especially when I was in a rush. I was going to go down the DIY path – make a stand with corkboard and some pins, but Freedom has a earring stand which suits my needs. Here’s the result.

Earrings stand

I think the stand works really and it looks pretty as well. I’m about to buy some earrings from another shop at etsy so it’ll be more crowded soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Edit: Just bought the earrings – have a look here and here.

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Some of you may remember the coasters that we bought from etsy.

Well, we placed 2 more custom orders with lostmitten.

Pacman pen holder

Bomberman pen holder

One will be used a a pen holder, the other one will be used to hold my makeup brushes, mascaras etc.

Can’t wait till I see them in person!

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I know it has been a lot time since the last update. J and I unpacked more stuff in the weekend but there were still a lot of junk in the lounge room and bedroom. We finally got our acts together tonight and cleared up the rooms (basically everything went into the “dining room pile”).

Here are a few photos of the lounge room. Our polar bear Sunny is hogging the remotes ๐Ÿ™‚

Lounge room after pic 1

Lounge room after pic 2

Lounge room after pic 3

And here’s the bedroom – I can’t get a good angle for the shots, will have to try again later. Also we need to figure out where to put the TV.

Bedroom after pic 1

Bedroom after pic 2

You can go to the “before” shots to refresh your memory of what they look like beforehand.

As you can see, both rooms are very bare at the moment. We will add decorations later but we wanted to sort out the big items (dining table etc) first. And we’re waiting on the cushions from estaki.

Any ideas on how to decorate the rooms will be much appreciated. In particular I’d like ideas on a new lamp for the bedside table.

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Internet at home is up and running finally!

It was actually working last night but I didn’t leave work till 8:30pm and wasn’t in the mood to blog by the time I got home.

In the last post I said I’ll share some “after” pics, but the place is still in too much of a mess (more unpacking needed in the weekend) so I thought I’ll write about something else.

J and I lived without a proper dining table for a long time, because there wasn’t any room to put a reasonably sized dining table in the old apartment. Now that we have a proper dining room, we’re looking forward to not using Stable Tables for meals.

We decided to go all out and get an 8-seater. The previous owner had one (look here and scroll to “Dining Room” if you want to refresh your memory) and it’ll be good for dinner parties and Christmas lunches (J and I can invite both sets of parents and my brother).

We knew early on that we wanted light colours because of the orange feature wall. We settled on lime-wash stained timber after seeing this table.

Jimmy Possum Jimmy table

This is the “Jimmy” table from Jimmy Possum. J really liked the steel frame legs and we both liked the polished look. We decided against it at the end because we don’t think it works with the rest of the apartment, and also because the chair to go with the table is $1000 EACH.

We ended up getting our dining table and chairs custom made from another store. Here’s a sketch of the table.

Dining table sketch
It’ll be in Tasmanian Oak and stained in the same colour as the Jimmy table.

And here’s a photo of the chair.

Dining chair

The legs will be stained in the same colour as the table and instead of fabric, it’ll be upholstered in a cream coloured leather like the chair in the background. We were actually planning to get the chair in the background but the interior design consultant from Jimmy Possum (her name is Karenza and she is fantastic) recommended a chair with a lower back because high-back chairs are likely be too much for the size of the room.

There’s a bit of space on the other side of the dining room and we’re thinking of getting a buffet/sideboard to store our CDs/DVDs, and to put our keys etc when we are home. We also want to get a mirror to hang above the buffet. We haven’t decided yet but we’re probably going to get them from the same store. Here are the sketches we received today.

Buffet sketch

The doors of the buffet will be upholstered with this fabric to pick up on the colour of the feature wall.

Mirror sketch

I’m not 100% certain about the dimensions of the mirror – need to get the tape measure out to see how it will sit on the wall.

I think the dining room will look fantastic once all the pieces are in place. What do you think?

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Slowly settling in

It’s been a few days now, the contents in boxes and bags are slowly making their way into cupbroads, wardrobes and other storage areas.ย I’ve unpacked all my clothes and bags but haven’t tackled shoes yet. J put together the bed on Sunday night. Kitchen is probably the next target.

Internet is not working yetย so I’m posting this from work. I’ll take some pictures of the lounge room and the bedroom tonight and post them tomorrow if possible.

Now that we’ve moved in, we’re thinking about decoration a bit more. I’ve asked my brother to create a painting for us. I bought a card by Sher Rajah last year and I think the design will work well with our decor, so I’ve ask my brother to use it as an inspiration.

Obviously we’ll need to decide on a colour scheme that works with our feature walls.

By the way, the sofa is fantastic!ย Both J and I have fallen asleep on it already ๐Ÿ˜‰

Better get back to work now!

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We’re in!

The move is complete (in the sense that the removalists have done their job) and we are now living in our new home. ๐Ÿ˜€

There’s not much to show yet, there are just boxes and bags everywhere. We have been sleeping on the mattress on the floor (J will put the bed together once he finds the screws), and we will start unpacking in ernest this afternoon.

This will be the last post from our old place. I’m sitting on the floor typing on the laptop whilst the cleaners are at work. We thought about cleaning ourselves but gave up on that idea fairly quickly after seeing the amount of work we need to do to unpack.

We don’t have internet connection at our new place yet. Telstra stuffed up the phone line connection which in turn delayed our naked ADSL application. If all goes well it should be available tomorrow.

Since it’ll take a while for us to set things up for proper “after” photos, I thought I’ll post a few more pictures of the carpet installation.

This is the dining room with the old carpet:

Old carpets

The old carpet and underlay were stripped out and new underlay installed.


And this is what the new carpet looks like:

New carpet

For those who are interested, the carpet is from Tuftmaster’s Savoir Faire collection and the colour is Parchment. We were going to get the Beauvais collection which is from the same range but with a lower pile weight, but the carpet manufacturer sold the last lot of that carpet AFTER we paid a deposit ๐Ÿ™„, so they offered an upgrade for $300 more and we went for it.

And let me tell you, it was worth it! We got premium underlay as well and the carpet is SOOOOOOOOO soft and bouncy! After walking on rental quality carpet for a few years, it is certainly a nice change.

The colour is better than what I remembered at the store. The picture of the carpet on their website has a yellowy tone to it, but the carpet turned out to be a nice light brown.

This is what our dining room looks like right now:

Dining room as storage

Yes, it is a complete mess. Most of our clothes, towels and linen are in those “rubbish bags”. It’ll be fun to unpack, NOT!

To finish this post on a positive note, here’s a picture of the new toolbox that we bought on Friday.

Old and new toolboxes

The old one is on the right, it’s heavy and doesn’t shut properly so we can’t carry it by the handle. The new one is lightweight and has lots of compartments for screwdriver bits etc. I think J is happy.

We’ll write again once the internet is up and running at the new place.

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