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Wow, this is the first post in 2009 –  time flies!

Well, bub has arrived safely and he is 10 weeks old today 🙂

The nursery is in operation, but we still have a bit of decorating to do, so that post will have to wait.

This post is about our “outdoor area”, i.e. the balcony.  We haven’t used it at all;  it has been empty since we moved in.  It was retiled a few weeks ago because of building leakage.  That’s what it looks like now with the new tiles.


For my birthday I wanted a sunlounge, so I can sit outside and read a book/have a nap.

Most of the sunlounges we saw are pretty bulky and couldn’t fit in our car.  The delivery charge is so expensive compared to the cost of the sunlounge and it dampens our desire to get one.

Well, we struck it lucky last weekend because we found this at the last shop we went to.


It’s a fold-up sunlounge!  As you can see it also function as a normal chair (for weekend breakfast etc).

And when I feel like lying down, I can fold out the extension and recline the back of the seat, and PRONTO!


The recline is adjustable by lifting the chair handles, so I don’t even have to get out of the chair.

It’s very light because the frame is lightweight aluminium, and since it folds up we can bring it home ourselves.  I’ve tested it already and it’s very comfy 🙂

Next on the shopping list is a small table, and a sunshade so that bub can enjoy the outdoors too.


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