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Just a quick post to show off the flowers J bought me yesterday.  I love tulips!


The placemat is from Target – only $5 each!  Bargain.


The colours work so well with the orange feature wall in the dining room.

Now that the spare room is a nursery, the study has become a bit of a dumping ground.  Our next project is finding storage solutions for our junk.


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After blogging about things that we don’t have, it’s nice to write a post about things we own 😀

Thanks to our generous friends, we’re now proud owners of these homewares and plants.

Free trade salad fork and spoon

Crabtree and Evelyn Winter Birch crystals and burner

Guess what’s in this box?

OK OK it is printed on the box …

It’ll be great for an outdoor picnic!

Maxwell and Williams spice rack

Pretty handy, don’t you think?

And now for the plants.


I can’t wait until it flowers!


I think this is beautiful – love it.

Thanks again to everyone for your lovely gifts!

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There was a post in my favourite forum (most of you know what that is) asking whether there is a more accessible version of the Eva Solo smiley bowl – no one knows of any yet, but it reminded me to blog more about my homeware lemmings.

For some strange reason I’m interested in fruit bowls, even though we already have one. These two are from different designers but they’re in the same vein.

Zack Stiletto fruit bowl

PO: Quadrat Table Fruit Bowl

And these easel-like trays are really stylish!

Majamoo Tray

We’re going to store our CDs and DVDs in the buffet we ordered (which should arrive in the next week, yay!), but these CD holders are excellent options.

PO: Snake CD holder

PO: Groove CD holder

This looks good even without the CDs.

I really like this Mondrian-inspired vase.

PO: Mondri Vase

I think I may just buy this.

n.o.l shake light

This is another great energy efficient lighting idea.

Description from their website:

It lights [up to] 5 minutes after being shaken for 30 seconds, and fades out slowly.
With [electricity] generating equipment built-in, there is no need to replace the batteries.
It provides both gentle light which is like one of those candles, and safety.
Please enjoy the last moment of a day before you fall asleep.

black+blum turn me on

Last but not least, I’d love these lamps for our bedside tables, but they’re only available overseas 😦

Do you have any homeware lemmings to share with this blog’s readers?

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Wow, has it been a week and a half already? We’re so used to the swivel chair by now, I can’t believe it was delivered only 2 week ago!

Guess there wasn’t much to report on the home front. Until now.

We dropped by top3 by design today and there were so many cool homeware! Most of them came with a pretty price tag but I think I’ll end up caving and buy at least some of them.

Here are a few:

Eva Solo Smiley Bowl

What a great design! You put nuts/lollies at the bottom and shells/wrappers at the top. Love the design but can I justify spending $178 on this?


Another ingenious design, this time by an Australian. You can check out (and purchase) their designs here.

Carl Mertens balance coffee cups

Beautiful AND clever, the cups tilt on the side as you drink and straighten up when they are refilled. They also keep the drinks warm. I want them!

Eva Solo grater cup

I’m not a big fan of grating but with this tool I’ll complain less 😉

Sun jar

What a great idea – you charge it up during the day by putting it under the sun (there is a solar cell and rechargeable battery) and it lights up at light!

Clocky (the runaway alarm clock)

Perfect for those who snooze once too many – the clock will run away if you don’t wake up after the alarm goes off!

As the title of this post suggests, there are more lemmings to be shared … I will write about them in the course of the week.

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Today was a big shopping day for us. First, J bought some 3M hooks so we can hang up our wedding canvas print tomorrow, then we went to Cass Brothers to buy a new toilet seat (the one from the previous owner was a bit worn out, I don’t even want to know how they managed that).

The big purchase today was a set of new speakers, to complement our new-ish AV receiver and HD set-top box/PVR. They look pretty cool but it’s really J’s domain, so I’ll let him blog about it in his own time.

As the title suggests, this post is about a cookbook stand. I’m pretty happy with this one because it protects the cookbook from oil splashes and other accidential spillage.

Also, we took the figurines from our wedding out of the freezer (don’t ask why it was in there in the first place). We thought they were going to melt but they were OK. Now we need to figure out what to do with them.

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It’s hard to believe that it is only Wednesday, I’m completely knackered after:

(1) Working 12+ hours in the last 2 days (thankfully I could leave work at a civilised hour today)

(2) Poor quality of sleep (had a long and strange dream about House the TV show…)

(3) Personal training session today

I’m SOOO ready for bed but I have to read an annual report tonight! Yikes 😕 Thought I’ll write up a post tonight before I delve into it.

This discovery was actually made when we were packing up for the move. J has some old pots and pans and whilst they function properly, some of the handles have fallen off and we were going to throw them out. Then I came across this booklet.


This is the first paragraph of this very interesting booklet:

The book is written for you who have the responsibility of keeping your families healthy and strong. Good cooking promotes good health. It is our sincere desire to make good cooking one of your most pleasant tasks. Rena-Ware dedicates this book to you, our client.

It proceeds with a bunch of recipes (Yorkshire pudding, corned beef, oyster stew??? … people’s diet have changed a bit since this book was published), and tips on how to use the cookware featuring “Mrs Spatterpot”.

Here are a few more pictures of the booklet.

Renaware 3

I think we have most if not all of the parts!

Renaware 2

All recipes in this book have been prepared in Rena Ware’s Home Economics Department.

J searched the internet on Renaware and they’re still around. The styles haven’t changed much, and there is a lifetime guarantee on handles. We ended up keeping them all, and once day we’ll get around to replacing the broken handles!

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Our Earth Hour

Yesterday (29 March 2008) was Earth Hour, it was fantastic for so many countries to participate this year. You can check out photos around the world here.

J and I spent Earth Hour enjoying a candlelight dinner, using our new placemats and candle holder. The meal was pretty good too!

Earth Hour dinner

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