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Thanks for everyone who came and check out the blog even though it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Something else has been capturing our attention … J and I are expecting our first baby!  The bub is due late January 2009.   I was preoccupied with “anytime sickness” (morning sickness is a BIG misnomer), and unfortunately I have been suffering from a cold once or twice as well.  The good news is that all is well with the baby 🙂

Well, I guess you’re looking for an update about our place as well.

The buffet that we ordered a while ago arrived just before my overseas trip.  Here’s the design sketch to refresh your memory.

Have to admit – I cleaned up the junk that usually sit on top of the buffet before taking the photo.  The only “permanent features” on the buffet should be a portable phone and our letter storer, but other things managed to make their way on top and it takes a while to clean them up.

There are 6 drawers and 2 shelves.  One of the drawers is used to store keys, walllets etc, so we have less chance of misplacing them (that being said we still don’t know where the spare keys are!).  The other drawers are used for CD and DVD storage.  The shelves in the middle are great for storing things that don’t fit anywhere else.

And this is what it looks like as part of the dining room.

When it was delivered, I was a bit disappointed that the orange fabric print on the buffet is not in the same shade as the wall, but on second thought, that will be too “matchy-matchy”.

We’re very happy with it.  What do you think?

We still plan to put a mirror on top of the buffet – will get around to it one day …


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You may be thinking, “what does one have to do with the other?” Well, read on.

Because we live in an apartment, we can’t save water in a big way by installing a water tank. But I want to do my bit in reducing our water usage. I saw a TV program a while ago about a lady who uses a bucket to collect cold water from the shower before the water warms up, and I thought it’s a good idea.

I was going to buy a bucket like this, but I found a spare bucket from Kernels (yummy popcorn!) at home and I’m now using it for water collection.

Bucket in shower

I pour the water from the bucket into a small plastic jug, and use the water to wash my hands, rinse my face towel etc. The Kernels bucket comes with a lid so I can cover it up when the water’s not in use.

Another option is to buy something like this.

Water storage

I like the idea, but this particular one is not very attractive…

So, next time you walk past a Kernels store, think about how you can do your bit for the environment!

P.S. I’m thinking about buying this to take the water-saving one step further.

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I was searching online for storage ideas and came across a blog called IKEA hacker.

In short, they are creations from people who use items from IKEA as a base to create unique furniture and storage solutions.

They voted on last year’s best “IKEA hack” and this is the winner’s creation.

Pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

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Moving is a great opportunity to re-organise some of our belongings. For instance, we have more wardrobe space now (I took over the entire wardrobe in the master bedroom and J has to make do with a much smaller one in the spare room, but that’s kind of besides the point 😉 ) so I can dedicate some shelving space to my handbags, rather than putting them on the floor.

I also want to organise my earrings collection. It’s not a huge collection by any means, but I used to put them all in a box and it would take forever to find a matching pair, especially when I was in a rush. I was going to go down the DIY path – make a stand with corkboard and some pins, but Freedom has a earring stand which suits my needs. Here’s the result.

Earrings stand

I think the stand works really and it looks pretty as well. I’m about to buy some earrings from another shop at etsy so it’ll be more crowded soon. 🙂

Edit: Just bought the earrings – have a look here and here.

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Some of you may remember the coasters that we bought from etsy.

Well, we placed 2 more custom orders with lostmitten.

Pacman pen holder

Bomberman pen holder

One will be used a a pen holder, the other one will be used to hold my makeup brushes, mascaras etc.

Can’t wait till I see them in person!

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