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Another long wait for a post, right?  Unfortunately I’ve been unwell for a while, I’m still not 100% but I’m feeling much better at the moment.

What does the title of this blog has to do with home renovation? Not much really, except right now J is playing a game (Civilisation Revolution something, it’s lost on me) via the newly (at least to this blog) installed projector.

We have the projector for a while but didn’t get around to installing it.  We were a bit concerned about the projector stand intruding too much against the red feature wall.

However, upon seeing a $25 wall bracket at Ikea, we took the plunge.  J played handyman and we’re very happy with the result.

And this is what the end result looks like.

Just for reference, the TV at the bottom of the picture has a 68cm screen.  We haven’t measured it but my guess is that the projected image is close to 2m diagonally – take that plasma and LCD TVs!

And talking about games, I was just playing this really silly game on the net, hope you enjoy it too!


Next items on our home shopping list … baby furniture 😛


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J bought a few hdmi cables today and he’s been playing around with the AV setup. We haven’t decided on where to put the projector yet, so it’s sitting on a foldable chair at the moment in front of the sof at he moment.

This is what the projector image looks like (hello Frodo). The size of the picture is 113in/287cm. 😛

Projector image small
Full image

The photo quality is low because I can’t use flash.

The eventual picture will be even bigger as the projector will be behind the sofa. We did a quick measure and the picture size will be around 140in/355cm! 😯

This photo was taken during the day, we have venetian blinds so the room was not completely dark. I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like at night.

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