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Just a quick post to show off the flowers J bought me yesterday.  I love tulips!


The placemat is from Target – only $5 each!  Bargain.


The colours work so well with the orange feature wall in the dining room.

Now that the spare room is a nursery, the study has become a bit of a dumping ground.  Our next project is finding storage solutions for our junk.


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Rant and wall update 2

I said at the start I will focus on the positives, but I need to vent …

Our electrician was meant to come to our apartment yesterday to install more lights. He said he will arrive “after 10”. J and I tried to call him in the last 2 days to confirm a time but his mobile was not contactable and his phone does not have voicemail. I sent him an SMS but no response.

Anyway, he called us at 6:3opm last night. Apparently he turned up at the apartment at 3pm(!!), found no one there, and left. He said his phone was on the whole time, and he couldn’t call us because he lost all the details on his mobile. 😕

It was obviously frustrating for J and I, but he has done more than half of the job already, so we’re going to persevere. He said he will turn up “around” 1pm today. I asked him to give me a call 15 mins before he arrives … there’s no way I will wait for him unless I know he’s turning up for sure!

OK, rant over.

We went to have another look at the place last night, and the painting is almost done! The fumes were overwhelming so we didn’t stay for long, but we took a photo of the last feature wall-in-progress to share with you.

Orange wall

Very orange, isn’t it?

Oh, and thanks to those who voted on the clock. If you haven’t – it’s easy, just click HERE and write a comment at the end of the page.

Hopefully, the electrician will turn up and install all the lights, so I will be able to write about them tonight.

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