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Another long wait for a post, right?  Unfortunately I’ve been unwell for a while, I’m still not 100% but I’m feeling much better at the moment.

What does the title of this blog has to do with home renovation? Not much really, except right now J is playing a game (Civilisation Revolution something, it’s lost on me) via the newly (at least to this blog) installed projector.

We have the projector for a while but didn’t get around to installing it.  We were a bit concerned about the projector stand intruding too much against the red feature wall.

However, upon seeing a $25 wall bracket at Ikea, we took the plunge.  J played handyman and we’re very happy with the result.

And this is what the end result looks like.

Just for reference, the TV at the bottom of the picture has a 68cm screen.  We haven’t measured it but my guess is that the projected image is close to 2m diagonally – take that plasma and LCD TVs!

And talking about games, I was just playing this really silly game on the net, hope you enjoy it too!


Next items on our home shopping list … baby furniture 😛


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Wedding canvas print

I know, it’s been 2 weeks since the last post … realistically I think 1 post a week is as much as I can manage now.  Promise I’ll try my best.

We had our first housewarming party yesterday and it was a lot of fun.  Thanks to everyone for coming and for your lovely gifts.

For the broader readership, here’s a photo of our dining room with a canvas print of one of our wedding photos. We love the Harbour Bridge and panoramic photos in general (see the header of this blog), and of course it was a special day for both of us.

Our first attempt to hang it up didn’t work, the 3M hook came off because the wall was too tough.  We managed to find a smoother patch on the wall and it worked the second time around.

I may be biased but I think it looks great 😀


P.S. We ordered the print from Bigprints – they were really helpful and we’re very happy with the result.  Thanks Rob!

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Rant and wall update 2

I said at the start I will focus on the positives, but I need to vent …

Our electrician was meant to come to our apartment yesterday to install more lights. He said he will arrive “after 10”. J and I tried to call him in the last 2 days to confirm a time but his mobile was not contactable and his phone does not have voicemail. I sent him an SMS but no response.

Anyway, he called us at 6:3opm last night. Apparently he turned up at the apartment at 3pm(!!), found no one there, and left. He said his phone was on the whole time, and he couldn’t call us because he lost all the details on his mobile. 😕

It was obviously frustrating for J and I, but he has done more than half of the job already, so we’re going to persevere. He said he will turn up “around” 1pm today. I asked him to give me a call 15 mins before he arrives … there’s no way I will wait for him unless I know he’s turning up for sure!

OK, rant over.

We went to have another look at the place last night, and the painting is almost done! The fumes were overwhelming so we didn’t stay for long, but we took a photo of the last feature wall-in-progress to share with you.

Orange wall

Very orange, isn’t it?

Oh, and thanks to those who voted on the clock. If you haven’t – it’s easy, just click HERE and write a comment at the end of the page.

Hopefully, the electrician will turn up and install all the lights, so I will be able to write about them tonight.

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Wall update

Before I write a post on another topic, I took a few more photos this morning.

I didn’t mention this in the last post, but we’re having a sanded-down white wall in the living room, which will be used as our “projector screen”.

I’m waiting to see what the orange wall in the dining room will look like, as that is the brightest colour we’ve chosen.

Here are the photos:

Projector Wall 1

The wall to the left is the “projector wall”. It’s a nice contrast with the neutral colour IMO.

Projector Wall 2

Another photos of the projector wall, and a neutral colour wall in the dining room.

Blue wall 2

Here’s another photo of the blue feature wall in the bedroom. We have installed new lights in the room (subject of another post) and I think it changes how the colour looks.

Red wall 2

This is what the red wall looks like. I love it!

Red wall 3

A photo of the red wall in another angle. The red works really well with the neutral colour and the blinds. I’m so stoked!

You can also see the new lights – we haven’t installed the glass casing yet, but it’s already heaps better than the oyster lights.

So, what do you think?

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If these walls could talk …

I wonder what they would say? Actually it will be freaky …

OK I’m taking a bit of poetic licence with the title – this post is really about wall colours. As mentioned in the previous post, we wanted a feature wall in each room. Here are some pictures of the property that inspired us to have feature walls.

Inspiration 1

Inspiration 2

They also have feature walls in their bedrooms. The one in the master bedroom is in burnt orange, another bedroom has a blue one.

I can’t remember who came up with it, but we chose a red and orange theme for the living area pretty early on. We decided later to have a feature wall in the master bedroom and study as well.

Those who have been through wall colour selection before would know that it’s a bit overwhelming at times. There are literally thousands of colours to choose from. It’s interesting that after a while, you become really picky and can tell the difference between extremely similar shades (“Oh the Midnight Blue is 10 times better than the Mystic Blue!” or something along that line).

J played around with the Dulux website where you can test out different colour schemes. Here are the sample results.

Dulux MyColor - Living Room

Dulux MyColor - Dining Room

Dulux MyColor - Bedroom

We ended up choosing different colours, but it was a useful tool.

We went to Bunnings and Dulux trade centre and took some colour samples. We were pretty comfortable with our choices for the red, orange and green (for the study) but we struggled to get the right shade of blue for the bedroom. J didn’t want a baby blue colour (like the sample above) but I didn’t want it to be too dark.

Anyway, we took the samples to the apartment to find out whether they would work. We were happy with the red and the green, but the orange looked too dark and the blue didn’t work at all. Here are some pics.

Red sample

The red works really well with the blinds.

Orange samples

The orange we chose initially was the second one from the left. This wall doesn’t get any sunlight and it ended up looking like terracotta. We opted for the one on the left instead.

Blue sample

We were considering the blue on the top for the bedroom, but it was too sharp for our liking. We wanted a softer blue for the bedroom so we had to start all over again. I ended up finding a nice colour in an Inside Out magazine, and took it to Bunnings to colour match.

After all this – you may be wondering, what colours DID we choose? Or maybe you’re bored already ;-), in which case you should have a break and watch THIS.

For those who stayed, we have some progress pics – they’re fresh off the press, I took the photos earlier today!

Red wall

Green wall

Blue wall

By the way, those “bubbles” in the photos are dust on the camera lens – I’ve cleaned it now.

We’re really happy with how they turned out. Each room has a distinctive colour but they also work together. Can’t wait till we can see the finished product 🙂

Phew! That’s it folks for the time being. It’s furniture talk next …

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